Win $50! Share Yoga’s Best Motivational Yoga Tip Contest

How do you stay motivated?

We all know that feeling at the end of our yoga practice when we feel peaceful, calm and centered. It’s the moment where you think, ah if I could just feel this good all the time. Unfortunately, we all also know that feeling when we haven’t practiced in a while, we know we want to, yet for some reason, we just can’t get our bodies on the mat. So why is it so hard sometimes? (Or is it just us?) Perhaps you have discovered your own little tips and tricks that motivate you, remind you, simplify it, take out the guess work, eliminate the fear, or whatever — and we want you to SHARE that tip with us and all our wonderful Share Yoga readers.

We’re looking for the best yoga tip that you have that helps you stay motivated and reminds you to practice yoga. It needn’t be deep or lengthy. In fact, the shorter the better, as long other yogis can benefit from the tip. The more original and useful, the better. Our editors will select the best tip from all the entries and send out a check to the winner for 50 big ones (this is our first contest, give us a break). Entries must be received by December 20, 2008. Winner announced no later than December 22, 2008.

Enter to Win Big – That’s right! 50 big ones!

Entries will be judged based on:

  • Originality & Creativity – something original that perhaps others haven’t really thought of (but can relate to). PS We love humor, too!
  • Usefulness – a tip, trick, mantra or experience that motivates and others can use
  • Clarity and form – personal story or example is encouraged!

How to Enter:

  1. Come up with a yoga tip and trick that you use to help you stay motivated in your practice. For example, “I set my yoga mat by the door each night so that I don’t even have to think in the morning on my way to practice.”
  2. Post your tip in the comments section of this posting. Be sure to include your accurate email address in the email space provided (not IN the comment area) so that we can contact you if you win. We keep it private, don’t worry.
  3. Submit your comment. It will not show up automatically on the site. We’ll look at it first.
  4. You can submit as many times as you want, but please only submit one tip per entry/comment.
  5. Do this by December 20, 2008, 12pm (noon) PST

Good luck and we can’t wait to receive your entries.

Darla Brown

By Darla Brown

Darla Brown is the founder of Share Yoga and a certified yoga teacher. Darla's love of yoga started over 20 years ago. She has taken teacher training and intensives with master teacher Max Strom as well as Jamie Elmer, Kyra Haglund, Luke Ketterhagen and Nancy Goodstein. Darla's practice focuses on breath and healing.


  1. Sometimes I go to sleep in my yoga clothes and then when I wake up for morning yoga, I’m raring to go!

  2. I use this phrase to bring me back into perspective: “That which causes the rose to bloom resides in me.”– Rumi

  3. Make satsang a part of your daily schedule. This particularly applies to meditation and striving for Realization.

    It can be setting aside time for holy reading: Swami Sivananda’s writings, Ramana Maharshi, the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, a saint’s life, or other holy and inspiring and reading according to your disposition.

    Or better yet, get together with like minded meditators on a regular basis, and meditate and engage in spiritual discussion.

    Or better still, if you are so lucky, find a holy and inspiring person and learn from someone who has real experience. Or visit a holy place–a church, temple, or place of worship of your choice.

  4. a way to help me stay in the present moment both on and off the mat is to come back to the mantra ‘where my attention goes, my energy flows’ (thanks to sadie nardini!!)

  5. I find that for most of us, lack of time is the biggest problem. A mudra, an affirmation , a minute just to connect with your inner self, one Surya Namaskar, an act of kindness , smiling to your own heart or even just sitting in easy pose sometimes Every little thing you do helps keep you focused and in your centre. It doesnt have to be a large proportion of your time. Small steps to bring you to self realization.

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