Should yoga be allowed in public schools?

Update October 6, 2008: I find articles like this one a bit more encouraging
Young yoga students: beneficial?
Young yoga students: beneficial?

Some New York state parents are concerned that the yoga being taught in their district has Hindu leanings, thus violating the separation of church and state. Do you agree? Can students benefit from the physical aspect of yoga without adding in the spirituality?

The Associated Press: Yoga at NY high school causes stress among critics.

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  1. Yes, as an intro to yoga PLEASE teach it in the schools. The yamas/niyamas coordinates with character education (taught in ALL schools) and correspond to basic societal values. Philosophy aside, the physcial benefits of yoga are desperately needed by kids who are stressed, over programmed, out of shape, and need a non-competitive life long health promoting, positive acitivity in their lives. Its easy to teach yoga to kids. Visit for tips, techniques, lesson plans, yoga games and more specifically for kids & teens.

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