Gratitude, Appreciation, and Abundance by Lori Hamann


I won’t kid you.  I won’t tell you that practicing gratitude and appreciation in your life will turn on the floodgates of abundance.  There are quite a few other factors at play…  I will tell you however, that gratitude and appreciation is indeed ONE of those factors.

In fact…it’s a BIG factor.  We delve into this in Butterfly Experiment 2, live event.  The intelligence, that is LIFE, is opened by the key of abundance, and it’s foundation is gratitude.  One piece of the pie when learning to live within the intelligence, and consciousness of the heart. Here is where you find true alignment.

Here in the US, this week is a time for thanks.  It’s a time when we look around, with heart, and consciously observe and stand in appreciation of the blessings and gifts that we have been offered in our lives.

This sometimes includes the hardships, believe it or not.  Often times you can look within the heart of a hardship and find the strength to shift your experience….and through this, find peace.

This time of year, we are conscious of this…but I  must ask, why not all of the time?

You are in control of your experience, you know.  While you may not be in control of your mother, father, brother, sister, partner, children…you name it….one thing is for certain; you do have choice over your own experience.  You do.  No matter what the hypnotic trance of society has locked you in, you have choice to step out of it, in this moment, and choose your experience.

I agree, in the beginning, some have it easier than others…the ability to shift their perspective is easier, to release and let things go, to see the glass as half full vs. half empty.

Why is that?  Well, it individual of course.  But after coaching 100’s of people over the years I can tell you that it’s about belief systems, personal health, wellness, and balance…commitment – to self, and to learning and remembering all that you are…..and the ability to stay conscious.

That last one is a dozy- “the ability to stay conscious”.  It is only through this that we are able  to choose to step outside of the collective beliefs of society, the collective vibrational state…and choose something different for ourselves.

It is only through this that you are even able to choose unity over separation.  It’s big stuff.

So, for today…make a choice.  Make a choice, that no matter the condition of your health, the events around you, the attitudes of your family or the politicians you love to hate…make a choice to honor the vibration that is you.

What do I mean by this?  Make a choice to appreciate, the vibration that is you…the LOVE that you are.  To stand in awe…in total awe of you.  See the beauty and perfection that you are.  Appreciate your willingness to do things differently to step outside that trance.  To stand in the present moment.  To take care of yourself, both the spiritual and the structural/physical part of you.

I know…so many people are out there studying Laws of the Universe to they can attract abundance in life…but I would encourage you to study it to attract true abundance first.

And the ray of light here is, you don’t have to attract it at all…it’s already yours.  It’s within. Remember this. There is no separation between you, and the spiritual or material abundance that you seek, it’s yours.  Now, align with this truth.

If you are not quite “there” yet, no worries.

Stand in gratitude and appreciation for what is, for what is to come.  Be joyful about the simple things.  Can you come up with 100 simple things you are grateful for?  Ok, 10?  🙂


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