A Few Items Worth Sharing Today, Wednesday Edition

ConcentratiOm at Gaiam.com: Name that yoga pose and test your memory and yoga knowledge!: Learning and remembering yoga pose names has never been more fun! See how many yoga poses you can match to their names in 2 minutes and enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes! Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced yogi, you’ll have fun giving those brain cells a quick yoga workout. New poses every time you play!

Yoga is a Way of Seeing by Gurani Anjali: My favorite line: “You cannot see your own face but someone is watching you. And therefore, you are being here for another, in your words, in your actions, in circumstance.”

Introduction to Pranayama and Yogic Breathing: “With each inhale we bring oxygen into the body and spark the transformation of nutrients into fuel. Each exhale purges the body of carbon dioxide, a toxic waste. …”

Darla Brown
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By Darla Brown

Darla Brown is the founder of Share Yoga and a certified yoga teacher. Darla's love of yoga started over 20 years ago. She has taken teacher training and intensives with master teacher Max Strom as well as Jamie Elmer, Kyra Haglund, Luke Ketterhagen and Nancy Goodstein. Darla's practice focuses on breath and healing.