8 Funniest Ways to Show Your Love from the Kamasutra

The ancient Indian text called the Kamasutra is all about the “art of love” and we were quite amused when we looked up some of its, well, art forms. For example, when was the last time you “fixed stain glass into the floor” to show your love to your partner?

8 Funniest Ways to Show Your Love from the Kamasutra

  1. Storing and accumulating water in aqueducts, cisterns and reservoirs
  2. Tailor’s work and sewing
  3. Solution of riddles, enigmas, covert speeches, verbal puzzles and enigmatical questions
  4. Making parrots, flowers, tufts, tassels, bunches, bosses, knobs, etc., out of yarn or thread
  5. Art of teaching parrots and starlings to speak
  6. Knowledge of the art of war, of arms, of armies, etc.
  7. Making figures and images in clay
  8. Art of cock fighting, quail fighting and ram fighting

P.S. For those of you who want to impress your lover but do not know how to “play on musical glasses filled with water” perhaps you’ll want to check out our gift shop for some milder (and easier! and cheaper!) ways to show your affections.

Source: spaceandmotion.com/kamasutra.htm

Darla Brown

By Darla Brown

Darla Brown is the founder of Share Yoga and a certified yoga teacher. Darla's love of yoga started over 20 years ago. She has taken teacher training and intensives with master teacher Max Strom as well as Jamie Elmer, Kyra Haglund, Luke Ketterhagen and Nancy Goodstein. Darla's practice focuses on breath and healing.