YogaChat Roundup: The Yamas and the Niyamas

8 Limbs of Yoga
Thanks to all who joined in our lively discussion on the yamas and the niyamas this week at #yogachat. We shared a tweet on each of the yamas and niyamas and asked for your feedback and ideas on them. Here we have posted some of the highlights. Join us next week Friday at 10am PST as we go into the historical relevance of the 8 Limbs and discuss, “Does this apply to our asana practice?”

The Yamas

1. Ahimsa – non-harming to oneself and others
2. Satya – truth
3. Asteya – non stealing

Not gossiping and always asking for a friend’s time, not assuming I can have it. That’s how I practice #Asteya – @BB4Yoga

“Not stealing hope, but rather building others up!” – @BalanceYogaPly

RT @yogadealuk: @shareyoga Not stealing other people’s time, or their thunder! Practise compassion with students #asteya #yogachat

4. Brahmacharya – Moral cleanliness
5. Aparigraha – Non-coveting, non-greediness, simplicity in living

With me #5 – simplicity. Simplicity is not simple. It’s not just de-clutter it is bringing order to it all. @SusynEliseDuris

The Niyamas

1. Saucha – cleanliness
2. Santosha – contentment
3. Tapas – heat or austerity
4. Svadhyaya – self-study
5. Ishvarapranidhara – surrender

Top Tweets this Week

More Reading on the Yamas and the Niyamas

Join us next week 10am PST, Friday September 20th

Julian Walker, yoga teacher and twitter handle @embodiedsacred, has agreed to join us again next Friday to discuss his belief that Patanjali’s text is an ascetic, dualistic text & doesn’t have much to do with asana practice. Should be an interesting discussion. Comment here if you plan to join in and we’ll shoot you a reminder that morning!

Darla Brown

By Darla Brown

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