March 2015: Simplicity


Our theme for the month of March is “Simplicity”. As I was sitting here contemplating on the meaning of simplicity and how simplicity applies to our yoga practice and our life, the gift of the present moment came to me. Ahh yes! How often are we caught up in our thoughts, our to do lists and perpetual habits of going, doing, BEing elsewhere? How many of us suffer from feelings of inadequacy due to thinking we don’t have enough time? Not enough time to do yoga, to meditate, to eat well,  to work, to spend time with loved ones, to live? Let us us debunk those myths this month, with the simple, yet profound power of being here now.  In fact, I’d like to invite you to embrace this very moment, with a deep inhale and as equally full exhale. Doesn’t that feel good?

How can we be more present in our lives?  What are other ways that we can simplify?  How can we make our practices easier and more accessible? We will be exploring these concepts and more in future blog posts as well as on Twitter with our bi-weekly yoga chats:

“How to Simplify Your Yoga Practice” – March 13  10am-11am PST #yogachat

 “Tools to Simplify Your Meditation Practice” –  March 27th 10am-11am PST #yogachat

How do you keep things simple? Do you have techniques, ideas or an experience that you would like to share with us and our readers? We would love to hear from you in the comments below or you can contact us at to submit a blog post.

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Kimberlyn Brown is a 500 hour yoga teacher and esthetician. Visit her website at "Yoga is to me, the gift of liberation. I have learned how to breathe more deeply, give and receive love more easily and how to live my life more fully. I am truly honored to share this practice with my students. My ultimate goal as a teacher is to empower each of my students to take what they learn in class off their mat and into their world."