Dharma and the Nine Distractions

Master yogi Debbi Murphy shares the 9 distractions that prevent us from living our dharma. She provides several questions for you to ponder and then journal and meditate upon, to help you discover and ignite your passion.

Santosha: Root to Rise with the Five B’s

Like the lotus, live joyfully among the sorrows of the world. Parmahansa Yogananda Last week as I sat down to write about Santosha, I was side-tracked by the dramatic news story […]

Balance: It’s all about the Swing

Master teacher Debbi Murphy shares insights on finding balance. “Our own elegant physiology also reflects the importance of balance. Every move we make, every breath we take is a biological drive towards homeostasis, equanimity.”

Top 10 Myths About Meditation

Meditation is a vacation that wipes off impressions that cause stress and strain. It is like a holiday that doesn’t make holes in the pocket but rejuvenates the mind and […]