Understanding Samskaras

Understanding Samskaras #yogachat

What are samskaras and how do they affect us? [Tweet it] Why is it important to become aware of your samskaras? [Tweet it] What are the gunas? And, how do […]

Dharma and the Nine Distractions

Master yogi Debbi Murphy shares the 9 distractions that prevent us from living our dharma. She provides several questions for you to ponder and then journal and meditate upon, to help you discover and ignite your passion.

Forgiveness Begins Within

As I sit on my mat, soles of my feet pressing together, knees floating above the ground, my hips trying to release some deeply-held tension, I bow down over my […]

A Bump in the Road

After listening to the Buddhist monk Jack Kornfield describe ‘Labeling the Thoughts’ as a meditation, I decided to try it for myself.  As I move through life, I am constantly […]

Five Steps to Living Your Truth

Satya is a Sanskrit word meaning truth or reality.  Patanjali refers to it in verse 2.28 of the Yoga Sutras as the second of the five Yamas – a list […]

Truth: We are Love

Last month, I discussed the difference between authenticity and truth. Authenticity is “the truth of bearing who you are”, I said. It’s the work of diving deep, peeling off layers […]

How to Ride a Crocodile

Ganesha is often called the Remover of Obstacles, but if you look deeper into his story, you will see that he can also put obstacles in your path. So a […]

Top 10 Myths About Meditation

Meditation is a vacation that wipes off impressions that cause stress and strain. It is like a holiday that doesn’t make holes in the pocket but rejuvenates the mind and […]