A Deeper Look at the 8 Limbs of Yoga

More than just postures, set into a sequence, followed by savasana (corpse pose), Yoga is complex. It weaves together inner and outer disciplines, physical practice, and breath work while guiding us […]

Spring Detox: Daily Routines to Optimize Health

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, snow is melting, and the sun is shining. Time to start Spring Cleaning of You! This is a great time to clear out stagnation, reset the body and mind, and create fertile ground for new growth and abundance.

Our intention creates our reality. Wayne Dyer

Your Future Self: Setting Intentions for 2017

Yoga teacher Caitlin Renz provides two practices for you to start your new year off in the right direction. By applying these simple daily practices, you can make this the best year yet!

A Bump in the Road

After listening to the Buddhist monk Jack Kornfield describe ‘Labeling the Thoughts’ as a meditation, I decided to try it for myself.  As I move through life, I am constantly […]

Share Yoga’s Top Blog Posts of 2014

We’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts of 2014 and highlighted our amazing contributors consisting of yoga teachers, authors, nutrition experts and more!

Seva & You: How to Be of Service #yogachat

What is seva? “Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India seva was believed to help one’s […]

7 Very Shareable Quotes on Breath

Check out these 7 very shareable quotes on breath and pranayama from TKV Desikachar, Max Strom, Sylvia Plath, Rodney Yee, and more!

Working with Uncomfortable Feelings

Life isn’t about avoiding pain, feelings – any feeling! Even uncomfortable feelings like hunger, addiction, craving, fear, anxiety, depression. It is about learning to lean into those feelings, relax into […]

Tune Your Instrument

Meditation is a time when you let the outer world take care of itself. There is an old saying, “Let the world turn without you.” You will think about the outer world; that simply can’t be helped. Take this chance to settle into yourself and get some R&R. You do not have to be on duty, so give yourself over to the inner processes.

Yoga and Public Speaking

Just published my first post on Medium.com and would love for you to click on over, read and share. ~Namaste~ Yoga and Public Speaking Imagine a room full of naked […]

Day 3: Lovingkindness Meditation

The Lovingkindness Intervention Today I had no problem accessing the videos for Day 3 of the meditation. Kim reported in today, too. She was having an issue with her laptop. So […]

Day 2: walking meditation

The Internet was off and on all day today here. No meditation video watching for me. Instead I did a walking meditation. I started by walking down the stairs to the […]

Sister v. Sister 10 day Meditation Challenge

Sister versus Sister (Okay, so it’s really not “Sister versus Sister”.) My sister Kim recently moved to Los Angeles (she is also a yoga teacher). We often talk about how […]

Moments of Silence

“In silence one can receive more because all one’s activities become concentrated at one point. There is only one real rhythm; in silence you hear it. When you live to […]

5 Steps to Create Your Own Meditation Space

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity. ~ Swami Sivananda I have found that having a […]

Mala Beads: Meanings, Significance and Uses

Introducing Mala Beads A mala is a strand of beads, traditionally used for counting during mantra meditations. Malas can consist of 108 beads, 54 beads, 27 beads, 21 or 19 […]

How do you define meditation?

Today on the Musings blog (a blog about mind, art, productivity and more), Koroush Dini MD, talks about how he defines meditation. He tries to define it simply ~ in […]

How to Avoid Practicing Yoga

It’s already December 2nd and so far I have practiced yoga zero times, to be honest, in the last 3 weeks. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. My parents were in town […]

Forced morning meditation

This morning around 5:30 I was shocked out of sleep by a blaring BUZZ! Actually, the word “buzz” does not do this noise justice. It was more like the sound […]

Chakra meditation visual guide

A visual chakra image to be used during meditation. Each color corresponds to a chakra, starting with red root chakra through purple chakra.

Eckhart Tolle featured on Nightline

After devoting half of tonight’s Episode to the State of the Union review, Nightline switched moods quite dramatically with a segment on Eckhart Tolle. “Fire and brimstone his message is […]

How You Can Make Tuesday a Big Win!

The Secret to Ensure You Win on Tuesday is Within this Post Regardless of who wins the election on Tuesday, I hope we ALL as Americans, and moreover as Citizens […]