Vote now: What type of yoga poses best describe 2010?

It’s been quite a year around the planet. Looking back on this year’s challenges, events and general energy, how would you best describe the year 2010? Voting ends December 31, 2010, so vote now! Your vote counts! What type of yoga poses best represent 2010?Market Research

Manifesting-Personal Strength: It is all in the feet

Here’s an experiment for you. Right now, slump in your seat (or continue slumping if you already are! ☺) Take a breath. Think about something you want to do in your life that might take some work. How do you feel about it? Are you ready to leap up and take even one action step? Now, sit up tall. Feel the length in the spine, the openness in your heart. Take a deep breath and again think about what you want?

6 Timeless Observations on Life by Marcus Aurelius

Some lessons in life have already been learned — by humans who lived many centuries ago. These lessons have stood the test of time and the wise among us study history and learn from others’ observations in order to inform and enhance their own lives. Although the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who was often… Continue reading 6 Timeless Observations on Life by Marcus Aurelius