Our intention creates our reality. Wayne Dyer

Your Future Self: Setting Intentions for 2017

Yoga teacher Caitlin Renz provides two practices for you to start your new year off in the right direction. By applying these simple daily practices, you can make this the best year yet!

Living With Intention

Every New Years thousands of people worldwide create a resolution for themselves for the year to come. This “goal” is usually set around health and happiness and may include shedding […]

Discipline to achieve your goals & intentions #yogachat

This month our theme is Discipline, which is a fundamental part of any yoga practice. We continue our conversation around tapas and discipline at this Friday’s Yoga Chat.

Here are some questions for yoga students and yoga teachers that we will discuss more during the live chat.

How to Ride a Crocodile

Ganesha is often called the Remover of Obstacles, but if you look deeper into his story, you will see that he can also put obstacles in your path. So a […]

The Yoga of Conversation: Speak from the Heart

I’ve decided to become good at conversation. You know what Larry King says about that? He says the best way to be good at conversation is to be interested. And interesting. Hmmm. What makes […]

Meditation for Better Parenting

  The gurgles of the baby, that innocent smile, the little hand that beckons and the tongue that rolls out a sound , ‘Mumma’ …’papa’. Yes! Parenthood is a delightful […]

Working with Uncomfortable Feelings

Life isn’t about avoiding pain, feelings – any feeling! Even uncomfortable feelings like hunger, addiction, craving, fear, anxiety, depression. It is about learning to lean into those feelings, relax into […]

Discover the Power of Gratitude

Gratitude seems to be one of the few transformational practices that unites people beyond beliefs and words—beyond nation, race, and tribe. It is really this simple: When you have a […]