Living With Intention

Every New Years thousands of people worldwide create a resolution for themselves for the year to come. This “goal” is usually set around health and happiness and may include shedding a few pounds, getting organized, or making time each day for numero uno (that’s you!). As January slips by, many still incorporate their resolution or… Continue reading Living With Intention

Discipline to achieve your goals & intentions #yogachat

This month our theme is Discipline, which is a fundamental part of any yoga practice. We continue our conversation around tapas and discipline at this Friday’s Yoga Chat.

Here are some questions for yoga students and yoga teachers that we will discuss more during the live chat.

Learn How To Manifest Your Intentions With Yoga Nidra

Learn How to Manifest Your Intentions with Yoga Nidra by Mary Clare

I had a physical asana practice for over 15 years before I actually understood the role of intention in yoga. I recall instructors in New York City in the early 1990’s asking us to “dedicate our practice to someone.” Gradually things changed and we were asked to “call to mind our intention” at the beginning… Continue reading Learn How To Manifest Your Intentions With Yoga Nidra

The Yoga of Conversation: Speak from the Heart

I’ve decided to become good at conversation. You know what Larry King says about that? He says the best way to be good at conversation is to be interested. And interesting. Hmmm. What makes you interesting? Speaking from the heart. Speaking about things that actually matter to you, that are on your mind, that you are passionate about. And… Continue reading The Yoga of Conversation: Speak from the Heart

Working with Uncomfortable Feelings

Life isn’t about avoiding pain, feelings – any feeling! Even uncomfortable feelings like hunger, addiction, craving, fear, anxiety, depression. It is about learning to lean into those feelings, relax into them, wrap them in compassion, and then send them on their way. In meditation, we practice being with our thoughts – outside them, not inside… Continue reading Working with Uncomfortable Feelings