Feather Shaped Forgiveness

Forgiveness. A word that instantaneously tastes bitter on my heart. When I was invited to write about forgiveness, I knew it was calling me. Despite every nerve ending that preferred […]

Forgiveness Begins Within

As I sit on my mat, soles of my feet pressing together, knees floating above the ground, my hips trying to release some deeply-held tension, I bow down over my […]

Writer’s Theme: FORGIVENESS – ksama

Exploring¬†Forgiveness this month An opportunity to forgive can show up as tightness or stiffness in our body when we are on the yoga¬†mat. We can also begin to recognize that, […]

Untie the Knots – Max Strom

The yoga postures and breath are tools to rebuild and transform ourselves. The goal is not to tie ourselves in knots – we’re already tied in knots. The aim is […]