Manifesting: Through Yoga, Surrender with Gratitude to the Present

Marya in standing forward fold

How can we cultivate this faith? As I mentioned in my previous posts, we can use yoga to help us change our energy. Even when we are afraid and using control to “hold it together”, yoga can help us relax and cultivate the surrender we need. Forward folds will help us. Forward folds are about the present, letting go of resistance to open ourselves up to the present we have right now.

Manifesting-Personal Strength: It is all in the feet

Here’s an experiment for you. Right now, slump in your seat (or continue slumping if you already are! ☺) Take a breath. Think about something you want to do in your life that might take some work. How do you feel about it? Are you ready to leap up and take even one action step? Now, sit up tall. Feel the length in the spine, the openness in your heart. Take a deep breath and again think about what you want?

Judith Orloff, How to Not Take On Other People’s Energy (video)

I have been to Dr. Judith Orloff’s workshops twice and each time I go I learn something new about intuition, energy work and positivity. Judith Orloff, MD, an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, has transformed the face of psychiatry, with her workshops and best-selling books like Positive Energy, which is a personal favorite… Continue reading Judith Orloff, How to Not Take On Other People’s Energy (video)