Om: A Poem about Mindfulness


There is a flood

Open the gate

There is a flood

Don’t be late

Sit, please sit

Open your mind

Sit, please sit

Practice being kind

Fill your heart

With patience and grace

Fill your heart

At a steady, slow place

There is a flood

Of openness and admiration

There is a flood

Of enlightenment in meditation

Om or ‘AUM’:

The sound ‘A’ represents the creation of the universe.

The ‘U’ connects us to something greater than we can see or feel.

The ‘Mm’ represents the transformative energy of the universe.

and finally, the last sound, Silence representing pure consciousness.

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Caitlin Renz
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By Caitlin Renz

Author Caitlin Renz is an educator, yoga instructor, and writer of the blog Good Vibes Idaho. Her life goal is to inspire others to take risks, believe in, and ultimately become their best selves. It is her desire to encourage and support your journey to living well.


  1. Thank you Heather. I wrote this poem after a mindfulness lesson the Flourish Foundation does in my fifth grade class. It is a gentle reminder for me to sit, open, and relax in the present moment. I’m glad it had a similar affect for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely poem, Caitlin. So beautiful!

    Also, congratulations for being our winning Feb 2016 yoga contributor for your post on OM! Kim will be in touch with details.

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