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Writer’s Theme: FORGIVENESS – ksama

September 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015

Exploring Forgiveness this month

An opportunity to forgive can show up as tightness or stiffness in our body when we are on the yoga mat. We can also begin to recognize that, energetically, our heart strings are all tied up in knots. This month we’re exploring how yoga can help us release and let go of those things that are no longer serving us. Often times the person we need to forgive most is our self. If that resonates with you, use this month to explore ways of letting go and forgiving, accepting your self for your strengths and beauty, and express gratitude for the opportunity to try again.

Here are some questions to explore in your writing this month:

  • How can our yoga practice help us to forgive?
  • What poses can help us release those tensions?
  • What meditations can center us and prepare us to not only forgive others and ourselves?
  • How does a breathing practice help us untie those strings around our heart?
  • How does yoga effect the subtle body and help us release emotions?
  • How does an awareness of our thought patterns as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali help us forgive and let go of past hurts or judgments? (Yoga Sutras 1.5-1.11)

For the month of September we will be discussing this and more through our articles and our bi-weekly yoga chats.

Do you feel inspired to write for us? Do you have a personal story about forgiveness that you would like to share? Do you have tips & tricks that have helped you forgive that you would like share with our readers?

Contact me here for details on how to become a contributor for Share Yoga

Quotes about forgiveness:

Forgiveness is  a gift that you give yourself – Tony Robbins

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Mahatma Gandhi

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much – Oscar Wilde

The yoga postures and breath are tools to rebuild and transform ourselves. The goal is not to tie ourselves in knots – we’re already tied in knots. The aim is to untie the knots in our heart. The aim is to unite with the ultimate, loving, and peaceful power of the universe. –Max Strom, Yoga Teacher

Meditations & Articles:

Julian Walker’s – Loving Kindness Meditation

Yoga’s Guide to Forgiveness – Yoga International

Darla Brown


September 1, 2015
September 30, 2015
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