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Become a Share Yoga Contributor/WriterContributor Guidelines

Please contact us and we will email you the contributor guidelines. Below you will find our upcoming writing themes with deadlines. Please note that you can contribute an article at any time on any approved topic. The following deadlines are in order to qualify for the monthly drawing. You can login to your contributor account to submit your post.

2016 Monthly Writing Themes

January - Find Your Passion - deadline for articles 1/15/16
February - Om (share it, chant, meaning) - deadline 2/7/16
March - Shadow - deadline 3/7/16
April - Samskaras - deadline 4/7/16
May - lovingkindness - deadline 5/7/16
June - Ritual - deadline 6/7/16
July - Freedom - deadline 7/7/16
August - Sthira & Sukha - deadline 8/7/16
September - Pratyahara - deadline 9/7/16
October - Guru - deadline 10/7/16 
November - Abundance - deadline 11/7/16
December - Namaste - deadline 12/7/16

How does the monthly contributor's raffle work?

Each month we give away a free prize to one lucky contributor. Here is how it works:

  • When you contribute an article to Share Yoga on that month's topic by the deadline, your name will be entered into that month’s drawing. You will receive one contest entry for each article you contribute, so the more articles you contribute, the more chances you have of winning!
  • At the end of each month, we will draw (at least) one lucky winner from all the entries.
  • The winner will receive that month’s free prize!
  • Second chances: If you do not win that month, your entries will carry over to the next month. So you will have another chance to win. However, if you don’t win that second month, your entries will expire, so you’ll have to contribute again in order to be entered again after the second month.
  • Once you become a contributor, you will be subscribed to our contributor newsletter chock full of goodness and goodies.