A Few Items Worth Sharing Today

Every once in a while we run across links related to yoga, meditation, or personal growth and spirituality that we feel like sharing. It may be a news article, an inspiration, a tip or new product; and sometimes it’s just something mildly interesting or amusing. Since our name is SHARE yoga, we always aim to share these worthy items with you. Get it?

Here’s a few items worth sharing today:

How to Find Your Purpose in Life: Great 3-part article about finding your purpose in life with some workbook exercises to get you going
12 Powerful Life Lessons: Great Tips about Taking Action to Improve Your Life
The 5 Points of Yoga: Proper Exercise (Asanas), Proper Breathing (Pranayama), Proper Relaxation (Savasana), Proper Diet, Meditation (Dhyana)
What Yoga Pose Are You?: I took the quiz and the result was my favorite pose. Weird.
The Butterfly’s Cocoon: A Story to Inspire
9 Things You Can Do to Be Happy in the Next 30 Minutes: One of which is to take a walk, which I’m going to do right now.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Darla Brown

By Darla Brown

Darla Brown is the founder of Share Yoga and a certified yoga teacher. Darla's love of yoga started over 20 years ago. She has taken teacher training and intensives with master teacher Max Strom as well as Jamie Elmer, Kyra Haglund, Luke Ketterhagen and Nancy Goodstein. Darla's practice focuses on breath and healing.


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