I am my own guru

Yoga, An Inner Guru and You

I may never make it to a high mountain in Tibet to sit in the presence of a cross-legged spiritual master. Yet, with this one phrase during yoga class and a different perception of an underused vocabulary word, I was offered my own mountain top to become the student of a wild haired, brilliant and sacred teacher.

The Dark Side of the Yoga Mat

On occasion my yoga practice turns into a messy throw down with an evil, two headed, mutant monster. I am surprised by the practices that go from a simple intention […]

Yoga for back and joint pain, and a few food quips

Chiropractor and yogi Erika Putnam shares why a yoga practice is essential to healthy joints and mobility. “All joints must move through a particular plane with relative ease. The more restricted the motion of a joint, the less motion is allowed, thus decreasing the health of that joint. Think of joints like…”

Feather Shaped Forgiveness

Forgiveness. A word that instantaneously tastes bitter on my heart. When I was invited to write about forgiveness, I knew it was calling me. Despite every nerve ending that preferred […]