Finding your way hOMe

One very cold, very dark, and very early morning in January, I crawled out of my bed and slipped on the clothes I had laid out the night before. I bundled up and walked a hundred feet to a temple.  The temple was crafted of logs and looked perfectly at home in the Rockies of… Continue reading Finding your way hOMe

Forgiveness Begins Within


As I sit on my mat, soles of my feet pressing together, knees floating above the ground, my hips trying to release some deeply-held tension, I bow down over my legs and dangle my head over the soles of my feet.  In this position I feel the tension in my back begin to soften, but… Continue reading Forgiveness Begins Within

The Journey to Contentment

For most of us, when we think of contentment, we picture something like a beach, a cozy cabin, a warm fire, being surrounded by loved ones, or completely alone, but the idea is the same. We have our feet up, no worries, everything is peaceful and perfect. It is then we finally find contentment. Is this… Continue reading The Journey to Contentment

Five Steps to Living Your Truth

Satya is a Sanskrit word meaning truth or reality.  Patanjali refers to it in verse 2.28 of the Yoga Sutras as the second of the five Yamas – a list of guidelines for “right living”. This can seem like such a simple concept – tell the truth, don’t lie.  But is it really that simple? … Continue reading Five Steps to Living Your Truth