3 Mudras Perfect for the Holidays

A lot of times during the holidays, we lose space to practice. Either we’re traveling and there’s literally no time or room to do a full asana practice, or we just get exponentially busier. That’s where these mudras come in!

Savasana: On the Importance of Resting Well

What happens when you don’t rest? You don’t digest. You don’t heal. You don’t give your body a chance to say – phew, finally a minute where I can look around and take stock of what needs to be fixed

The Yoga of Conversation: Speak from the Heart

I’ve decided to become good at conversation. You know what Larry King says about that? He says the best way to be good at conversation is to be interested. And interesting. Hmmm. What makes […]

Yoga And Eating Disorders: My Story

I’m no expert on eating disorders, but I had one.   It wasn’t anorexia, or bulimia, or binge eating, orthorexia, body dysmorphia – it was all of those and more. […]

Working with Uncomfortable Feelings

Life isn’t about avoiding pain, feelings – any feeling! Even uncomfortable feelings like hunger, addiction, craving, fear, anxiety, depression. It is about learning to lean into those feelings, relax into […]

I’d Say Surfing is Yoga

How is surfing yoga, you might be wondering. They couldn’t be more different, you might be saying. Friends, allow me to guide you through an arbitrary exposition of how surfing is totally yoga.

5 Tips to Take Your Smoothie to the Next Level

Smoothies are AMAHZING. Want to make them even better?! Check out these tips for improving flavor and texture – two key smoothie elements (whilst amping the nutrition factor – it’s […]

The Case For Yoga Teacher Training

I actually did want to teach yoga when I forked over practically 3 grand for a teacher training, but stay with me. Yes, I most definitely did want to teach yoga. Hard. […]