logo-square-250Share Yoga is your source for all things yoga. Born from a desire to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with others, Share Yoga provides articles on yoga philosophy and lifestyle, yoga therapy, tips for yoga teachers, yoga poses (asanas), yoga breathing (pranayama), meditation, healing and integrative medicine, spirituality, and yoga events and workshops around the world. Share Yoga is our name but, more importantly, it is our mantra. Share the om.

We believe that:

  • Yoga can help us become more conscientious, happier and more productive.
  • Once we feel the benefits of yoga in our own lives, we can help others and that is a wonderful thing.
  • When we live within the spirit of yoga and then share it with others we have initiated a positive energetic chain of action.
  • Those who have experienced the benefits of yoga realize that sharing yoga not only helps others, but also our selves, and ultimately humankind.
  • Yoga is not a religion, but a system of healing our body and minds. Yoga is an art and a science.
  • Yoga is more than physical poses. It is a lifestyle, a philosophy, and provides a system to live ethically and conscientiously.

How you can participate in our yoga community:

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