Moments of Silence

Moments of silence and candlelight vigils“In silence one can receive more because all one’s activities become concentrated at one point. There is only one real rhythm; in silence you hear it. When you live to the rhythm of this silence, you become it, slowly; everything you do, you do to it.” ~ Mother Meera

My heart is saddened this week by the tragedy in Boston. I’ve been reflecting and trying to make some sense of it all; which is futile since there is no sense to be made.

From students and athletes to politicians and neighbors — all of us are taking moments of silence to  honor those who lost their lives. Journalists and newscasters try to answer our questions, “Who?” “Why?” However, even when the answers are found, they will not be enough to fill the emptiness and the loss of innocence.

My son is a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The campus is about a half mile from the Boston Marathon finish line. When the explosions happened, he had just left the grocery store at Copley Square, thankfully on the other side of the block from the explosions. He called me as he and his roommate walked home to let me know he was okay. I am grateful and relieved. My heart breaks for the parents and family of the victims as I imagine their pain.

Moments of silence are, of course, important at times like these, but they are also important every day. Through these moments, we can focus our energy and determine right action to take in this world. Action without this forethought and focus can become chaotic, depleting and meaningless. We need less chaos and more moments of silence in this world.


Darla Brown

Darla Brown

Founder at Share Yoga
Darla Brown is the founder of Share Yoga and a certified yoga teacher. Darla's love of yoga started over 20 years ago. She has taken teacher training and intensives with master teacher Max Strom as well as Jamie Elmer, Kyra Haglund, Luke Ketterhagen and Nancy Goodstein. Darla's practice focuses on breath and healing.
Darla Brown

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