India, The Birthplace of Yoga

You often hear of Western yogis that travel to India in order to learn from the masters of yoga. Have you ever thought of traveling to India yourself? And, if so, where would you go? Mumbai? Darjeeling? Calcutta? And, what would you do? Practice yoga? Stay in an ashram? Search for your guru?

If you’ve traveled to India yourself (or are planning a trip), please share your experience in the comments. I am compiling a list of India travel resources and would love to hear from any one who has made the trek or is planning one soon.

India Travel Resources

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  1. I traveled to India last year on business and, although I wasn’t into yoga or that stuff, it piqued my interest. I tried yoga when I returned home. I want to return to India on a personal trip now as I’m sure I’ll have a whole new experience.

  2. I am based in India and would be pleased to offer any specific information if anyone desires. I follow yoga as a way of life and do not concentrate specifically on the physical aspects. It is practical and immensely beneficial. But even a good thing done the wrong / incorrect way can can be detrimental. I have been fortunate to have such exposure. regards.

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